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Running Trezor Firmware on BWallet • /r/Bitcoin

Running Trezor Firmware on BWallet • /Bitcoin submitted by __gbg__ to TREZOR [link] [comments]

Dumping the bootloader from Trezor / BWallet • /r/Bitcoin

Dumping the bootloader from Trezor / BWallet • /Bitcoin submitted by __gbg__ to TREZOR [link] [comments]

Making the buttons work on a BWallet running Trezor firmware • /r/Bitcoin

Making the buttons work on a BWallet running Trezor firmware • /Bitcoin submitted by __gbg__ to TREZOR [link] [comments]

BWallet review by TREZOR developer

Hi Redditors,
maybe you noticed Chinese copy of TREZOR wallet, BWallet. Most likely I should feel flattered, because when others copy you, you're doing it right. However, I still feel that I have something to say to Reddit community about this product.
First of all, I'm quite surprised that BWallet is actually more expensive than TREZOR. Our existing customers can confirm that TREZOR device costs $19, the rest to $119 is cost of research and development, software updates, customer support, development of many surrounding opensource standards etc. It's a shame that BWallet is exact copy, yet it is more expensive, although they didn't spend a dollar to any of above. To anybody who doubt about TREZOR pricing, we'll happily sell them TREZOR units for $19 + shipping, with locked flash memory to prevent uploading of our firmware, which is not included in price of hardware.
I read many comments of people in style "cool, BWallet sell cheap hardware, so I'll upload TREZOR firmware into it and I'll be as safe as with TREZOR, but for cheap".
No. It won't work like this, for more reasons:
They changed keys in bootloader, so using another firmware than BWallet's will display "Unofficial firmware" warning during the bootup. That's pretty OK, you still can upload TREZOR's firmware there, but since then, you will never know if somebody replaced this "official" TREZOR firware by something else, because both SatoshiLabs' and attacker's firmware trigger the same warning on bootup. This affects practical security; Official TREZOR is so secure because everything put together makes sense, and you cannot remove one of security precautions (signed, peer-reviewed firmware in this case) and pretend that it didn't affect overall security.
Also, for some reason they used different wiring for buttons. That means you can load TREZOR firmware to device, BUT it won't work. You simply won't be able to click "Confirm" or "Cancel". Pretty useless, right? So you're sticked to their firwmare.
This leads to another issue with BWallet: We in SatoshiLabs put a lot of engineering effort at design level to ensure your privacy. That means, every TREZOR device looks like each other, and we cannot track your identities (from eshop) with your TREZOR accounts, your transaction history and your balance. Interesting part on BWallet is, that they really did not change much in firmware source codes, except adding tracking supercookie to the API. This particular line should catch your attention: This reports processor's serial number to the computer and it means that they track who you are (they know to which name/address they shipped the device) and how much money do you have (because BWallet reports this ID to
Originally I though that the button issue mentioned above is just an engineering mistake. Now I tend to the conclusion that it's a purpose, because with different button wiring, you cannot replace their firmware easily, so they can track you. Few years ago, scammers were selling emails for good money. It seems that society is making progress and soon black markets will have lists of wealthy bitcoiners including their real names and residential addresses for few bucks.
If issues mentioned above didn't scare you to death yet, there's still something. They actually don't understand the firmware except they're able to compile it. The proof is that they have fatal error breaking the bootloader, and they didn't noticed it yet. Also their firmware is already one release behind our stable release, and we're a day from releasing yet another version with important changes. This kind of copy&paste development is unacceptable for software where your money are in the game. Or do you get a surgery from a doctor who learn over Youtube videos?
In conclusion I'd like to say that it's perfectly ok for anyone to take our open-source product and make his own one, but at the same time we're working hard on this project, we've established a trusted hardware wallet solution for everyone and we don't want to get this reputation ruined by a potentially hazardous adaptation from someone who approaches it with a copy&paste attitude. There's just more to TREZOR as a service than what is in the source codes.
Edit: They also purposedly disabled stack protector (, which is common security measure which prevents not-yet-discovered buffer overflows.
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Receiving a BWallet, the Trezor clone

Receiving a BWallet, the Trezor clone submitted by murzika to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Trezor is in full-attack mode. Is there a threat of this company going under soon? If so, what happens to their web-wallet interface and what wallet alternatives can I use with this $120 piece of plastic?

I'm concerned won't work in the future.
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Now you can buy a TREZOR-like hardware wallet in less than $30 , take a look

You can get the cheapeast hardware wallt Now!
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Hello, fellow bitcoiners. We are from China.
Take a look at our new product: BWALLET
Product announcement:
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Open Source:
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Regarding the recent change from open LGPLv3 to Ms-RSL: A letter from a customer and fan.

Trezor team.
I am not here to yell at you or berate you like what happened in the thread on /bitcoin.
I am a huge fan and supporter of your product. I trust all of my coins to your product, and I'm a guy with trust if you knew me, you would realize that isn't easy for me to do.
Regarding your recent change from LGPLv3 to Ms-RSL: Please consider changing this license back.
I HATE how you were ripped off and undercut by Bwallet. I will never support a business that copies open source code, ADDS NO VALUE and then undercuts the original authors. Never.
But as a customer and a fan of your work: This change won't stop shady overseas competitors from ripping off your code...and all it will do is cause the hypersensitive bitcoin enthusiast community to revolt against you (like they are doing).
I love your work, and I believe in Trezor as a product. I realize that under Ms-RSL, the code can still be inspected and bugs can still be found by the community...I realize that this change doesn't actually lower the quality of the existing Trezor product.
But it does prevent others from submitting improved code to you, and it does engender rage in the bitcoin community because we all thought we were backing a truly open source product, and now its no longer fully open.
I am standing by you guys, even with this decision, but I'm asking that you sincerely consider reversing this decision before the vitriol in the community causes you guys to lose too much business.
My biggest concern right now is that your sales will plummet and I'll have to move my coins out of my Trezor because other wallets will drop support for you, and/or you will no longer be able to maintain your backend and keep myTrezor up and running.
I understand why you made that decision to change your license, I'm just asking that you consider changing it back.
Thanks for listening.
UPDATE: You guys are awesome. You listened to us and you are reverting the license:
I really believe this is the right move and that you guys can and WILL succeed by producing a superior product to the copy cats out there. You are still the best hardware wallet on the market and you have absolutely earned my trust. It takes a lot of guts to say "We overreacted and we hear you, we are changing this back" but that is exactly what you did.
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BWallet is completely open source now

While Trezor is quietly changing their License and stay half-opensource, BWallet is completely open source now:
2.browser plug-in:
3.web wallet:
4.BWallet server:
5.More source:
After this, bitcoiner can choose:
1.Buy Trezor device;
2.Buy BWallet device;
3.Make own Hardware Wallet. like XXXWallet
4.And build own web wallet.
We are happy to see more and more bitcoiner review BWallet device & server codes. And we are happy to see more and more bitcoiner make own Hardware Wallet.
Do I must buy Trezor? The answer is No!
BWallet is not for life-saving cold storage, it's just a safe hotwallet.
BWallet offer more choices to bitcoiners.
---- BUY BWALLET HERE <------
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YouSeeMe – Connecting crypto communities and traditional consumers.

YouSeeMe – Connecting crypto communities and traditional consumers.
In spite of the somewhat extensive number of recommendations officially existing in the market of digital currencies, numerous tasks add their plans to this rundown, while presenting a portion of their chips and highlights. A standout amongst the most widely recognized themes among cryptographic money designers is the framework that would enable clients to interface with this present reality quicker and all the more easily having computerized resources on their equalization.
Be that as it may, regardless of how huge the quantity of such ventures. On the planet, there are still not many top notch arrangements that can do any activities with respect to the promotion of cryptographic forms of money in the majority. Numerous tasks that we have over and over considered with you remain imperfect and subtleties that keep their fast improvement.
The venture, which we will think about today, additionally sets worldwide objectives, trying to wreck the current obstructions among cryptographic forms of money and merchandise, items and different administrations of our life.
YouSeeMe is an ecosystem of firewall and loyalty awards, which connects crypto communities and traditional consumers. Youseeme allows buyers not to manage various loyalty programs and redeem prize points at different retailers. All these loyalty points accumulated (Bartcoin) can be spent at all retailers in the Youseeme network (restaurants, shops, etc …). Buyers immediately find out their wallet balance and bartcoin available. Youseeme Wallet offers safe and fast transactions, online shopping (M-commerce) and easy money transfer between wallets (for example: sharing bills, sending money to someone across the country, etc.
YouSeeMe is the first electronic wallet combining payment and trading functions. Now you can share with friends and family, pay for purchases, trade cryptocurrency and traditional assets and goods and store any of your assets in a safe place. The project combines two applications at once. This is the YouSeeMe app and the Bartwallet app.
This is the first Ewallet to combine the payment and trade functions of the all-in-one Share with friends and family, pay merchants, exchange cryptocurrency, or assets and commodities and store them safely in your wallet portfolio.
The Bartwallet application will be launched in Q1 2019, will offer next generation trading solutions for cryptocurrency and tokens. This exchange will support Bitcoin and Ethereum (which will come for other cryptocurrency), and Bartcoin (BARC). The exchange platform will offer high liquidity, transparent order books, and low and flat costs for all trades. This application can be installed on all types of smartphones.
The Youseeme application facilitates the transition between the virtual world and the real world, it will allow you to spend money on Bartwallet thanks to Bartcoin cryptocurrency, so, for example, you can change Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency to Bartcoin and pay for your purchases through Youseeme at merchants ( shops, restaurants, …) and with just a few clicks, you can easily follow the history of all your transactions online.
Make your purchase and pay through Yousseme eWallet, no need to use a credit card. Share taxi fares with your friends or simply send a part of your rent to your roommate, all this with the Youseeme app. Buy and sell your cryptocurrency wherever you are, collect your transactions and choose to change them instantly to Bartcoin or Euro anytime. Always available, see your transaction history and manage your Bartwallet 24 hours a day.
The details of the ICO
As you have already understood, the local token (BARC) will be used to perform most of the functions within this system. It itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain of the standard ERC-20 token. In total, 165 million coins with an initial value of 1 EUR per 1 BARC will be issued for the development of the platform. However, the development team provides various promotions and bonuses to participants of preliminary and public sales. The proceeds from the sales will be directed to the development of this project
The idea and technology behind the Youseeme is outstanding. Youseeme team project managers and engineers are highly reputed as we notice they are dealing a huge set of launches where they are integrated into a secure communication system. The team is with a solid background who are experts on this special matter. They look like they know what they are trying to do on the blockchain. After studying all the major concepts from their whitepaper I have a high of seeing Youseeme succeed as it truly has the potential to rock the market and also investing into this project won't be much challenging for major investors.
For more information you can visit (Youseeme]('s official site and read their whitepaper. The links can be found below.

Core Team

Author's Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1767745
username: arsenalx420
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Bought a Trezor because it was open source and now its not.

It arrives at my doorstep tomorrow and am now considering to return it. The reason i chose to purchase a Trezor was because it was open source. Now that they have changed one of the most important things i looked forward to in the product, i most likely will be returning it.
Like many others in the community, I'm quite upset the devs have made this decision and hope they can change it back.
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Philtroneum is here to bring crypto mining to the investment world.

Philtroneum is here to bring crypto mining to the investment world. We believe that crypto currency has a significant role in the new monetary system that is forming. Our Goal is to raise capital that will be used to purchase mining equipment for our business and once we are already in operation we will begin to deliver our investors investment along with their profit. We assure our investors a stable and passive income. Because of our efficiencies, we can operate on an ultra low cost of electricity and thereby can pass those savings on to our investors. With today's hashrate, our ROI to our investors is over 300% per year and could increase if the price of crypto currencies appreciates.
About Philtroneum Philtroneum is a cutting-edge, crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation built and man-aged by a team of data centre industry experts and professionals on behalf of the Philtroneum Community. Miner One Community Members contribute to building Philtroneum mining centres and share their output transparently and equitably using Ethereum-based smart contracts.
To provide maximum mining efficiency, the Philtroneum Management Team obtains cutting-edge technology at wholesale prices and electricity at ultra-low industrial rates, with high-level safety and security measures to protect the Community’s investment. Each Commu-nity Member automatically receives access to regular and transparent accounting and report-ing on all costs and output.
The first Philtroneum mining centres will be built and deployed by First year 2018. They will focus on mining bitcoin.
As a PHT Token Holder, you have access to the Philtroneum B-Wallet, which is your digital wallet and exchange. You can use it to sell, buy, and store cryptocurrency, and receive your share of Philtroneum output. A Philtroneum Card will be offered as a debit card for payments and purchases directly from your Philtroneum BWallet
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I support SatoshiLabs and the TREZOR project. Let's stop the BS!

Long time lerker, this drove me to register.
Seriously /bitcoin whats going on here?
Why is the community attacking a company that represents massive innovation and security improvements in the bitcoin space while simultaneously supporting a clear freeloader in bwallet?
The freeloading bwallet people are currently doing a happy dance while the guys at SatoshiLabs, literally the people who invented this category of hardware, developed all the supporting software, and brought it to market are under attack by the community.
Yes, after having years of work copy and pasted by a company clearly looking to simply knock off their product and undercut them on price, the TREZOR license was changed to a more restrictive version.
It’s not rocket science. They open sourced everything so the community could be at ease about their security and privacy, not so they could be cloned and destroyed by someone copying their work.
Their choice in licensing was, in hindsight, a mistake. They fixed it to protect their investment going forward, and still be able to have peers review the source.
I hope we can stop this witch hunt and get back on the road to supporting the people who drive the innovation in this space.
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Only 28$ to buy a trezor-like hardware wallt !

Hello Bitcoin hodlers,
it's our pleasure to tell you that now we are selling BWallet Hardware Wallet worldwide. You can get the cheapeast hardware wallt Now!
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Thank you!
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