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Multiple € exchanges on one price graph

I'm looking for something like but for EUR. I'd like to see price chart for euro for mtgox, and btc-e, all on one chart. Does it exist somewhere?
If not, do exchanges offer only current prices through an API, or are there historical prices also? I mean, does have to query each exchange every few minutes, or can they get historical prices through an API?
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To anyone who has more than $25,000 in bitcoin right now

For the love of God, at least consider selling half of it. If the meteoric rise continues, you won't make as much money, but the price has gotten so erratic today that you should really consider the possibility that it will drop to $10 pretty soon.
For true believers who think this just proves bitcoin is awesome and it's bound to continue, I honestly have to ask you this question - is bitcoin a revolutionary new currency? And if it is, what good is it when prices are this volatile? Currency is supposed to be relatively stable. You can't use, as the basis for your exchanges, something that changes 50% in worth in a month.
Look at a chart of bitcoin/USD over the last month and compare it to the exchange rate between Euros and USD. Remember, one of the explanations that people give for the current rise is that Cyprus is getting hammered and people want an alternate way to stock away their money. So how come the Euro barely fluctuates (~6%)? It's because this is a speculative bubble. Hedge your bets and pull out half of your money. If bitcoins magically go to $1000 you'll still be rich, just half as much.
Also please disregard the arguments in the comments. One of the ways bubbles work is because groups of people convince themselves of things. I've looked through the conversations in this sub and they reek of groupthink and conformity and self-reinforcing behaviors. Make a smart decision and don't let yourself lose, in the case of the current front-page-best-of submission, thousands in borrowed money.
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What happened to the Euro market on Bitcoin-24 on February 8 2013?

This is my first post here, please be patient if I sound like I don't know much about anything, because: I really don't. Also, sorry if the charts don't load immediately, I noticed bitcoincharts can be a bit unreliable.
In the past days, I've been playing around with the charts on, to get a feeling for the development of the Euro (and USD) market for bitcoins in the past. Then I stumbled over this:
Chart of the Euro market on bitcoin-24, 1 year time frame, by 'typical price'. Notice that extremely sharp rise and equally sharp crash in early February 2013? Is anyone here aware of the reasons for that price explosion (and subsequent crash)?
Note that no similar rise/crash happened in the USD market on mtgox, nor the Euro market on mtgox.
I also don't think the spike can be explained by trading volume in that period (it seems normal), and it persists across charting techniques.
Here's a detail view of the days before and after the phenomenon occured.
What was going on that day?
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